May 9, 2013

Decolonizing Appearances: Decolonize Hoodie

**LIMITED EDITION.** Embroidered red & white “Decolonize” box logo. 100% Cotton. Unisex Sizing (S-XXL). Get yours at: decolonizingmedia.bigcartel.comMore photos on our Instagram

With all due respect to Barbara Kruger, we’ve created our first piece of Decolonizing Media apparel that remixes the commodity form for an expressly political purpose: discussion, provocation and pride. So let’s confront colonialism by talking openly about it, by publicly demonstrating our commitments, and by representing ourselves in the struggle. We are hustlers of consciousness, not mindless, Supreme-era capitalists. The hoodies are priced just to cover our costs to make them (and to make a few more if you like them). All proceeds will go to supporting the Decolonizing Media project.

So wear this with pride and rep for the cause.

We Are Everywhere.
We Are You.
We Are Rising.



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